Friday, 15 August 2008

Thank Fuck It’s Friday

I’m in the office, watching you across the desks. We don’t do this well.

I text you “server room, 2 minutes” and leave the main office. We have joked about office sex. About you fucking me on the boardroom table, sex in the stock room and a blow job in the server room. I wonder how you will respond.

When I first met you I thought you were a risk taker, you aren’t. But knowing that I still can’t anticipate you.

I stand outside the server room door like a naughty girl outside the Headmasters office. You keep me waiting but you come.

Suddenly I feel nervous. This floor is mostly unused but there are offices full of people above us. But still I open the door and we slip inside. The room is tiny and freezing due to the constant cooling air conditioning. It’s dark but there is a small window in the door.

You stand with your back to the door and we kiss. Aware of the fact our absence will soon be noticed I step back and move down your body, kissing as I go. I undo your trousers, you hesitate slightly but I can already feel how turned on you are. I ease your cock free and move my mouth to you, I open my lips and draw you in. You gasp, but so do I. I run my hand around your thigh and into the small of your back. Bringing you closer to me. To fill my mouth.

The taste of you, the noise you make in the back of your throat, the excitement of the circumstances. I am as turned on as you.

I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock, I use my hands to stroke you as I gently suck, I take your unbelievably hard cock right into my mouth. I moan, I am so wet ; so desperate to feel you inside me. But I know this is about you.

You bring your hands down to me, holding my head with one and you pushing me into you. I feel you grow and know you are so fucking up for this. I want you to know that you are filling me completely and there’s not an inch of room in my mouth you haven’t filled which is now full with your ”my god “ pulsating raw cock. I’m almost gagging by now but in a good way whilst small sexual gurgling noises escape from throat . Christ I’m so fucking on the edge by now that I could simply scream; I recognise that you are now close and convulsing, groaning and swaying in compete disarray. I reach down to touch myself; my hot and very soaked pussy; as you come deep and with extreme intensity hitting the back of my throat. It makes me flinch and squirm in complete extasy. The sheer desire and lust of this makes me giggle slightly as you collapse into the door but I make sure not all of that precious come escapes from my lips.


Loving Annie said...

Oh God, you so make me want to do that... I want my lover.... ohhhhh. Your writing is so visual, it is excellent !

Loving Annie said...

p.s would you be willing to add a feed to your blog ?

It is one of blogger's new widgets.

I wanted to add you to my links, and have it show when you updated/the name of that post, etc.

It wouldn't let me because it (blogger) said you didn't have a full feed...
It's that little orange squarish rss button...


this is NOT a spam comment, either !

Isobelle said...

@ Loving Annie. Thanks very much for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed!

I am trying to work out this RSS feed business. I thought I had full feed enabled. Will try to get it sorted as I would love to be added to your links.