Thursday, 31 July 2008

HNT - Not

I know this isn't in any way naked. But it's a great photo of CGs lovely arse. It's my blog - my rules - my choice of photo!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sugasm #142

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This Week’s Picks
Interludes - part 3 “He winds the rope around his hands, smoothing the kinks, and I stand there, breathing a little faster, conscious of all those eyes upon me.”
Hurts So Good “I want you to wear the badges of sweet distress for days.”
Shower fantasy “You don’t want to admit it, but you want me.”
Mr. Sugasm Himself Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice Why I haven’t blogged about the Mosley case
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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I’m an official Sex Toy Reviewer

I’ve got this great new gig – reviewing sex toys for LoveHoney. On the occasions when I’ve bought toys from them in the past I’ve been really impressed with the service.

So I wrote to them and asked if they were interested in me trying out a few products and writing about them. I was very excited when they said yes. CG was slightly apprehensive, as he has voiced his concern about feeling redundant on more than one occasion!

Anyway, when the parcel arrived he was as keen as me to see what it held. I absolutely love getting stuff in the post. This is what they sent me:

Dream Egg 10 function remote control vibrator
Jessica Rabbit 2.0 vibrator
Magic Power Wand mini vibrator
Bang Bang Bunny Rabbit vibrator
Bada Bing Ring

First impressions: A sea of pink punctuated by the black power wand. Jessica Rabbit is like something you’d buy in a tourist shop along with a “kiss me quick” hat. It shouts sugar overload. But all of it was out of the packaging and being fiddled with in about 10 seconds flat. I resisted the urge to actually test any of it out there and then – as I was starving hungry and some things do sometimes come before sex!

But my plan for later was to try out the Bang Bang Bunny Rabbit first on myself and see if I could tempt CG into giving the sleek power wand a go (as practice for my ultimate fantasy).

Will keep you updated.

PS, I am starting a list of what I’d like to review in the future so please free to give me suggestions!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

HNT - Thank you..

.. for not letting me down.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Painful reminiscing

The following day, starting an hour commute, I consider that I will spend more time travelling to and from my meetings than we spent having sex the previous evening. I have had years of sex that you could (and I did) fit into television advert breaks.

I ache everywhere. My back is tense. Initially from throwing my head and shoulders back with my arms clasped round your inner thighs as I sat astride you and then later from lying on my front and arching my arse up towards you so you could enter me more deeply. My hips feel pulled apart from you holding the top of my thighs and ramming yourself into me from above, forcing my legs over your shoulders as you leant down to kiss me. My calves, which will receive further battering from walking around all day in heals, are throbbing from where later still I sat astride you supporting my weight so you could lift your head and watch your cock slide in and out of me. Whilst I watched your expression of pleasure. I am covered in scratches all up my body from where I curled my nails into myself, in pleasure, so as to avoid scaring you.

Later, sitting on the hard seat in my afternoon meeting, the discomfort I feel reminds me how you alternated between gently making love to me and fucking me hard. How after two hours you took me, animalistically, from behind with one hand pulling me into you and the other gaining leverage against the headboard. I smile, inappropriately, as I think how in that time I came four times and you only the once.

As I start my journey back to you and another, more gentle night of passion, I stand on the underground train. I hold the filthy metal pole and consider how much I’d like to handcuff you to the metal posts of the spare bed and fuck for hours.

Photo credit: Fabian de Kloe

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sugasm #141

This Week’s Picks

Comedy vs. Tragedy “Are you on your period? What? Did he just say…”

Ian, or, Sometimes Sex is Hilarious“In short, it isn’t sex blogger sex.”

A Wish“I wish that you could know the indescribable pleasure of being enfolded in your warm, gentle wetness.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself Sugar Bank
Editor’s Choice Road Rage
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Saturday, 19 July 2008

I worship your cock

The morning light is streaming in but you are still trying to sleep. From the bathroom I wander back to bed, remove the covers from you and lazily move over your body. The way I slide myself across your body you must think we are going to have sex. However, instead of sitting astride you I start to move down your warm body. I take you in my mouth, tasting the metallic tang of me from last night.

I adore your cock and as much as I want you to fuck me I need you in my mouth. I wrap my hand around your shaft and lick the tip of your cock, running my tongue around the ridges. Cupping your balls in my other hand. After a minute I remove my hands and take as much of you into my mouth as possible. Feeling you pushing against the back of my throat, me relaxing into it. This is just a prelude to sex I tell myself. I don’t want to make you come; I want to suck your cock for hours. I look up at you and you are no longer sleepy; the intensity of your gaze turns me on even more.

I smile as I move my mouth up and down on your cock, you slip out of my mouth and I groan. I take you back in my mouth and continue to work my mouth around your cock. I could do this forever, but too soon I feel your cock harden even more and you push your body up towards me. I consider my options and realise I can’t stop; I need this as much as you do. You make low groaning sounds and cup my head in your hands. Not forcing me onto you, just making sure I don’t move away. And then, as you come and your hot seed fills my mouth, I have to rest my hands on your hips to stop you moving away as your body jerks. I lift my head and look at you as I swallow. God, I worship your cock.
Photo credit: Ninha Morandini

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

TNT - Starter

This is a photo CG sent me by text entitled Starter. I’m pretty sure he forbade me from putting it on the blog. I wonder what my punishment will be :)

Maybe if I ever work out how to upload video I will share what he sent as the “main course”. Yummy!

15 minutes thinking of you

I’m alone, again, getting changed for bed and as I run my hands down my hips to remove my jeans I think of you. I have spent an entire afternoon thinking of you. I slip my hands inside my pants and feel my wetness. I lose all interest in getting ready for bed and lie back on the bed. I dip my finger into my wet pussy and run it around my clit feeling the ache develop across my groin. I lean over and reach into the drawer pulling out the vibrator. I pull my pants to one side and slide the vibe inside myself. I slowly finger myself as I push the vibe in and out of me.

I’m lying on the bed on my back and you are kneeling between my legs, you lift my hips and slide your hard cock inside me. I push my feet down onto the bed and support myself. You move one hand to my clit and start to stroke me; moving lightly at first in large circles and then firmer and more directly. You pull back and I moan, you dip two fingers inside me and then, impaling me on your cock once more, continue to rub my clit. I am totally focussed on you and you on me. As the pleasure increases I drop my hips a little to force you harder inside me as you continue to work my clit. Suddenly the sensation intensifies and I can feel I am about to come. You feel it to; and your cock hardens, further, inside me. I groan and cry out as it hits me and as I come you hold the heal of your hand against me; holding me tight with your other hand to stop me slipping away from you.

As the waves of orgasm lessen I remove the vibe from my sopping cunt and sit up thinking how much I’m looking forward to seeing you in 3 days time.
Photo credit: hypertypos

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sugasm #140

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #141? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks

“Are you a sex blogger or a sexy blogger?”
“It builds a community that I am so proud to be part of.”

The J Word
“And while you’re with her, I’ll be with him.”

Transcending moment
"It’s that place between fear and arousal, and they are so very closely related.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself Sugar Bank
Editor’s Choice Chill Pleasure
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Monday, 14 July 2008

Do you fancy something new?

In bed, very late, after a night out..

Me: Do you want to hear my ultimate fantasy

CG (very sleepy): mmmm. yea, go on

Me: You know strap ons….

CG (sounding far less sleepy): erm, yes

Me: Well, I’d really like to shag you with a strap on.

CG: …….

Me: I’m not joking… (naughty smile) sorry!

To be continued…

Photo credit: LoveHoney

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Can't Get Enough

I am always absolutely desperate for you. I need you again as soon as we’ve finished. I’m not sure I could ever get enough. I want your cock in my mouth even whilst you are fucking me. I want you to cover every inch of me with your body. To lick, touch, everywhere. And then I want to look into your eyes as I make you come.

Photo credit: VolaVale

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Sugasm #139

This Week’s Picks

Flunking A Call“I fell silent again and tried to think. What did he want?”

Revision“He seemed… perfect. ”

Shaving, revisted.“I don’t do it for society, for anyone who will or will not be seeing it. I do it for me.”

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

One for the girls

... and maybe some of the boys

220 videos of chaps, all “amateurs” apparently, getting their tackle out and masturbating for the camera. Bloody marvellous!

Monday, 7 July 2008


Having a coffee with a mate; I hear a text message arrive and flip open my phone…

Don’t get distracted by thoughts of me grabbing hold of you and throwing you over the back of the couch, bending you over and pulling down those sweet pink panties of yours. Driving my tongue deep into you. Then I’m going to turn you over and fill you with my now hard and aching cock. You can feel me thrusting noisily and passionately into your wet pussy. You turn and drop to your knees taking my dripping cock in your mouth. I come hard and violently grabbing the back of your hair…. But don’t let me distract you from your coffee.

Photo credit: worak

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sugasm #138

This Week’s Picks

You’re going to come for me.“I imagined her, bound. Wrists behind her back, whimpering.”

Champagne Orgasms“I cry out, begging for him to stop, begging him not to”

Tie one on“He slipped his hands under my blouse and teased my nipples and breasts with his strong hands.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself Sugar Bank
Editor’s Choice The Look

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

High Heels

I am watching CG cooking me dinner. Occasionally we kiss. I am desperate for more. CG is making me wait. He’s been playing the game for nearly an hour. But I’m determined.
I put on my heels and lean over the worktop to watch the film whilst he cooks behind me. What man can resist high heels? Before I can turn to see his reaction he pushes up against me, roughly, expertly massaging my back, leaning forward and kissing my neck.
I slip out of my jeans and he lowers his, releasing his hard cock, slipping easily inside me. We rarely just fuck. But he fucks me now; over the counter. Pounding hard and fast into me. Holding me against him by my hips, my shoulders, my hair. Heavy breath on my neck. I am panting, groaning, in response to his thrusts. He comes hard, his body convulsing in waves of pleasure as he explodes, noisily, inside me. He steps back and his warm seed runs down my legs.
He puts the potatoes back on the ring and turns the oven back up. Practical as well as an amazing shag!