Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Coco de Mer massage candle for starters

Susie at Coco de Mer recently sent me a massage candle to try out. It was from the Jimmyjane range and similar to this one here but smaller and coriander and quince “flavour”. It arrived beautifully packaged with a lovely red ribbon around a plain white box (the freestyle “willies” on the postal envelope caused slight embarrassment when I picked it up from a friend’s office!).

The actual candle is encased in a ceramic square. As the candle burns it gives off a unique and “clean” smell. It took only a few minutes to produce enough wax to use. CG looked quite concerned when I blew out the candle and started to tip the pot over his chest. However, the wax wasn’t too hot and it rubbed in really nicely. He very quickly got the hint and asked if I’d like to try some.

Soon I was lying on my front having a fabulous massage. The wax is as nice as any massage oil. The scent was quite strong but not overpowering. As he worked up my back, and I started dozing off, I was thinking how I would be able to write up what a lovely massage candle I was sent……

And then, as he continued to work my lower back, he slipped his free hand under my pelvis and started a far more interesting massage. Coco de Mer products suggest to me an element of the erotic rather than graphic so it seems inappropriate to go into detail on the half hour of amazing oral sex that followed, or the mind blowing sex that capped off the night. Suffice to say I can highly recommend the massage candle!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Erotica 08 (more info)

I have more information on the Erotica08 show:

From Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd November 2008, the Olympia exhibition space will once again be taken over for the annual Erotica exhibition. Erotica is the biggest consumer adult lifestyle show in the world as well as being the most daring and exciting event of the year. The event showcases over 250 of the best and most exciting people and products from the world of erotica. Just a few of the reasons why so people attended the sell-out show last year included the stimulating live stage shows, endless shopping opportunities, seminars and stunning art galleries.

The Erotica exhibition has been going since 1997 and is aimed at freethinking adults of all ages wishing to experience and enjoy a diverse range of entertainment and stylish lifestyle events, products and services, whilst promoting safe and respectful sex. Erotica is and has become the exhibition with the largest footfall of all UK consumer shows and its famous exhibitors at this year's Erotica include Richard Larsen Jewellery and Velda Lauder Corsets (well known around world - makes items for Dita Von Teese).

In addition to attending the show, the public can become Erotica members, which offers holders many benefits. As an Erotica Red, Gold or Black Card holder, members have some serious perks.

On the Saturday night during the exhibition; the famous Erotica Winter Ball is the party to see and be seen at. This year, The Erotica Winter Ball will be held at the glamorous Club Coliseum on 22nd November 2008 and tickets are £60 per-person.
Tickets for both the Erotica Winter Ball and the exhibition are available at strictly over 18s, no cameras and no street wear permitted. Black Card Members receive 2 VIP tickets to the Erotica Ball as part of the membership package.

The Erotica exhibition is the ideal day out for daring and intrigued individuals, couples and groups; be daring, be decadent and have fun!

I'm still not sure if CG and I can make it along. If we do I will report back. If you are planning to go - let me know.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Sex Toy Review – The Zone

I’ve had my new toys for over a week now and feel bad that I’ve not written anything more about them.

Part of the reason is that I’m not really sure that I “get” them. To be absolutely honest I’m not sure I can write up a review on the Pleasure Ball Massager. Lovely as it looks it is not what I would class a sex toy. I have had easier orgasms off CG’s electric toothbrush (the handle end obviously – not the brush bit!). I’m sure that as an aid to massage it’s very pleasurable. However, as an speedy orgasm ….. well it just wasn’t the right shape, size or intensity. Be assured though, I will persevere!

I haven’t really given the Blow Guard a good run for it’s money yet – so will make time for that this week.

So, now onto The Zone.

The Product:
The Zone is a lovely toy to look at. Sold in two styles. Mine is the “smooth pink” but they also sell “ribbed purple”. It has a 3 and a half inch shaft with a fairly hefty girth. It sits on 3 splayed out legs with the control buttons on one leg. It’s made from silicone rubber and is nice and firm. .

There are no instructions with this but I guess the general idea is that you insert the shaft and turn it on. You can do this lying down or sit onto it. Due to the positioning of the legs I imagine unless you sat on it and leant right over you could not get any part to vibrate directly against your clit. It is, however, a comfortable fit once sat on!

The buttons give you seven different vibrating options: "Foreplay", "Turn up the Heat", "Woo hoo", "Oragasmic", "Throbbing", "Rock n Roll" and "Surging". I found the controls easy to access and operate. There is also a shut off button so you don’t have to work through all 7 speeds to turn it off.

Doing the business:
f you are the sort of girl who can orgasm from “internal” vibrations then you are well away. However, it wasn’t the right shape or length to hit my g-spot – and I’m the sort of girl who either needs a hell of a lot of g-spot impact or direct clit stimulation. So that didn’t do it for me. My second idea was to sit on it and use my rabbit ( This was great as sometimes I find keeping the rabbit inside me whilst the ears hit the spot a bit tricky. The only issue was positioning of the body of the rabbit. However, that wasn’t the fault of The Zone. Then, I realised that wasn’t really giving The Zone a proper workout so I decided to persevere and see how I could use The Zone, solo, to get off.

Using The Zone as a standard vibrator (ie, against your clit) does work. “foreplay” and “turn up the heat” just weren’t doing it for me though (did I mention I like a lot of vibrations?!). “woo hoo” could have taken me over the edge very easily (but I wanted a little fun) and “rock n roll” was great. However, “orgasmic” really did the trick. It was like having oral from someone who keeps pausing just as you are about to come; but that you know is going to get you there in the end.

So, the bottom line is that The Zone can get you off in a way that is really pleasurable. It might work better for some people than for others but it’s not going to leave you frustrated.

Value for money:
At nearly £45 it’s a bit expensive for a “standard” vibrator. However, the real test is whether I plan to keep it in my “favourites” box…. and the answer is yes. It’s just too much fun to relegate to the back of the drawer. Rating 6/10Pros: Looks great, snug fit, good variations on vibrationsCons: Quite expensive for something that I don’t think works as intended*.

* If OnJoy want to tell me where I have been going wrong I am happy to give it another go (more than happy to infact!) and post my results!

Erotica 08

I was up in London last week and noticed a load of adverts for Erotica 08.

I'm hoping to attend and have asked the organisers for a bit more information so I can blog about it in advance. However, I can say they do seem to have a superb lineup of exhibitors.
I will blog more information as I get it.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Sugasm #152

This Week’s Picks
Sugarbutch Star: Maze - The Girl in the Red Dress - “She’s the kind of girl who brings out the worst in me.”

treat or … fuck - “He looked like I had just given him a car for Christmas and he gently took my hand and led me upstairs. ”

A Life Exposed and Amplified - “We were breaking the rules and being dirty.”

Mr. Sugasm HimselfSugar Bank

Editor’s ChoiceI told him I loved him. He gave me a pen.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

HNT - under the covers

So, I persuaded CG to pose for a HNT. It has to be said it's always easier to persuade a man if a blow job is offered in return!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Photo Blog - Blokes Bits

I happened upon this site earlier today (via Erotic Garden). The photo the left rather nicely sums up what this photo blog site is about. It is well worth a viewing!

CG has been resisting HNT but this week I am inspired and shall be putting my foot down and getting the camera out (well a girl can try!).

Photo credit and

Saturday, 8 November 2008

New Toys

I got into the office late on Friday afternoon to find a parcel from the lovely people at OnJoy. They had sent me The Zone, the Pleasure Ball Massager and a Blow Guard. I was so keen to get my hands on The Zone that I unwrapped it in the car on the way home. My plan had been to wait until Sunday, when we have the entire day to ourselves, to test out of these toys for OnJoy (oh, did I mention I’m going to be doing some toy testing for them here on the blog). I was meant to be spending Friday evening preparing for the party we are having this evening. So, whilst I knew I didn’t have time for a proper play I did allow myself 20 minutes to look them over. The Zone is pictured above (I think it looks a bit like a gaming joystick), the Ball Massager is just that, a big purple and pink ball, and the Blow Guard had me in stitches at the thought of going down on CG looking like a hockey player. So, more on these toys as I get to grips with them over the next week or so!

As I say, the plan was that I’d be prepping for the party as CG wasn’t due home until late. However he surprised me, and himself when he found a bed covered in sex toys, by coming home early. But by this time I was cooking - so no time for fun. Anyway, the evening didn’t go quite as planned. Basic prep done he took me off for a spin in his ultra sexy motor (is it wrong to get quite so turned on by the fast driving of a powerful car by a masterful man?!), we had a fabulous Thai meal and drank two bottles of wine. The net result being all I can remember about what followed in bed was he allowed me more exploration of my ultimate fantasy with the help of this little bit of kit from LoveHoney (can I promote two companies in one blog post?!). He also let me do something far more intimate and controlling – but we’ll leave that for another post.

Roll on lazy Sunday is all I can say!