Monday, 15 September 2008

In the Shower

Warm and wet, covered in soap suds, steam fills the cubicle. You lean back and I wash your chest. The temptation for my hands to stray is too great. I move closer and run my hands down your back, across your buttocks. I step back and run my hands up your thighs cupping your testicles in one hand and letting the other move, again, round to your firm arse. You are still leaning back, looking up at the spray of water; but your body responds.

I sink to my knees and with no hand contact, take your cock in my mouth. You gasp. The water runs across my head, down my face, making it difficult to breathe as I move on your cock. I have to pull my hair back as the water moving over me pushes it forward onto my face. I take my hands again and run them round to your arse, I pull you closer. You fill my mouth. I work your cock, knowing what you like; knowing what I enjoy giving. Feeling your body responding naturally, you move your hips towards me unconsciously. Occasionally you lift your hands to wrap them into my hair; wanting to pull me harder onto you. I move away and look up at you, your face in pleasured concentration, the water running down and your cock so hard and waiting to be taken back into my mouth.

I lift myself on my heels and suck you in once more, moving my hand around your cock as I suck and lick. You moan and push yourself more deeply into my mouth. And, as the water runs down over my body you groan and harden and then begin to pulse your come into my mouth. I drink it up, not wasting one drop. Then, looking up at you I smile with satisfaction. As I often feel - like the cat that got the cream.

photo credit: Half Chinese

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sex Toy Review - iBuzz Two Vibrator

The Product: I was seriously excited when this turned up. A sex toy for couples! The iBuzz Two is a “music-activated” sex toy; you plug in your ipod, connect up the headphones and you and your partner enjoy the sensations from two vibrating bullets (a “rabbit “ and cock ring). I love my music and I love my rabbit (although my fav is sooo much larger than this one!) and I love having sex. What more could you ask.

It’s also a great looking product. Slightly garish colours on the rabbit and cock ring (pink for the girl blue for the boy!) but the control unit is a nice tidy white box with silver panel which has a blue neon light behind it.

Positioning: Firstly, you need to connect the whole thing up. You do NOT want to be doing this in the heat of passion. The cables are not very long so if you are using this as a couple you need to be pretty close to each other (which of course isn’t a problem if you are using it during sex). However, I challenge anyone to change positions whilst using the IBuzz! The cock ring has two rings, one for the cock and one for his balls. It has a “nubbed top” for clit stimulation if you are using it during sex. If used solo the bunny is nicely shaped to fit against you whilst the ears tackle your clit. Personally I found it difficult to work out how to position the bunny during sex. However, with the nubbed bit and the vibes running through the cock ring that wasn’t such an issue.

Functionality: If you use it with the ipod it vibrates in time with the music. If you use it without an ipod it has 4 pulsing patterns and 11 speeds. More than enough. As with the Bang Bang Bunny Rabbit vibrator I found the ears a little small to give me the sensation I need to climax. However, it certainly gets you on the way.

Doing the business: I think this about more than just getting you off. It’s less about having a wank and more about pleasuring yourself or sharing a sensual/sexual experience. However, yes, it does do the job! It’s quite an experience to listen to music through headphones whilst both feeling the same vibrations, especially if you do it whilst having your bloke’s cock inside you. However, I found the cables annoying and not being able to move about was more of an issue than I expected. Used solo it’s a really nice way to pass half an hour or more.

Value for money: The RRP is £40, but LoveHoney are currently selling the IBuzz for £20. It’s a great looking sex toy, it is great fun, it’s something for a couple to share but can be used along. Overall I think it is great value for money.

Rating 7/10
Pros: Great for a couple to share, lots of vibration options and it’s fun. Cons: The cables are very annoying, the rabbit ears could be “stronger”

Thursday, 4 September 2008

HNT - ankle

I have a thing for ankle's: even my own!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Sugasm #144

This Week’s Picks

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First Time For Everything: A Polyamorous Relationship “The only real trouble with being a triad came from the world around us.”

Sex Work And Compassion: Panty Tree “I will never feel shame for being a sex worker.”

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