Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Mixing business and pleasure

As we leave and I’m saying goodbye to some guests from our business dinner she comes up to us. “You guys off then”. I say yes and give her a hug. She looks at you then back to me and says “Space for one more?” I look at you. We’ve talked about this before, in fantasy talk, you know how I feel about her. She is someone we regularly work. She is beautiful, curvaceous, with long dark hair and an infectious laugh. You give a smile and shrug your shoulders as if to say, “It’s your call”.

I wrap my arm around her waist and squeeze her, as if I’m casual about the whole thing, “Go for it”.

And then we are outside walking back to our hotel. Decision made; so simple really. You slip your arm around my shoulders and as she chats on, giggly normal conversation, she tucks her arm into mine. Occasionally brushing up against me.

In the lift you lean over to me and slowly kiss me. Then looking over my shoulder you say teasingly “Oh sorry, I forgot you were there” and throw your arm around her shoulders and, as I move away, you hug her. Then you lift her face to you and gently kiss her on the lips. It’s sensual rather than sexual but I feel a tug in my stomach and a rush of desire.

When we get into the room you fix us drinks and then go to the bathroom. From previous evenings spent gossiping with her I know she is bisexual but suddenly the 10 years between us become more apparent and she is a nervous young lady in a potentially awkward situation. Her lack of confidence conversely fuels mine and I move towards her. “Can I kiss you?” I ask. She nods her ascent and I move closer and touch her face, her skin is perfect and she is incredibly beautiful. I move my hand around to the back of her neck and bring my lips to hers. As I expect, her lips are smooth but her kiss is passionate from the start, almost rough and it makes me catch my breath and moan slightly.

As we kiss she runs her hands down my body, across my back and then up to my breasts. I realise I still have one hand by my side and mirror her; feeling her fleshy breasts, soft and warm. I suddenly notice you are in the doorway, smiling at us. You say “Carry on” and move to the chair by the bed. Picking up your drink so casually.

I want to kiss her again, but she steps back and easing her dress off her shoulders allows it to drop the floor. She slips out of her thong and steps out of her shoes. She is stood less than two foot from me wearing only a corset that accentuates her curves and offers up her fabulous breasts. Her confidence has definitely returned and she slowly undoes the buttons on my blouse and helps me out of my trousers. We kiss again and the expanses of my naked flesh against her body tingle. Frustratingly she pulls away again and sits on the bed. Then she lies back, supporting herself on her elbows. “Kiss me” she says; opening her legs to me. I don’t hesitate as I kneel between her thighs. I wrap my hands around her arse and gently touch my tongue to her smooth pussy. I slide my tongue back and forth, feeling her clit harden. I move one hand and use it to open her lips and give me greater access. I then slip my fingers inside her. She tastes amazing, feels amazing and I can feel myself throbbing.

I am unaware of your presence in the room once more, until you move over to the bed and say, “Can I join in?” She moans “Hell yea” but you stay were you are and touch me on the shoulder and look to me for confirmation. I look up and, again, mirroring her say “Hell yea” with a smile.

You lean over and kiss her and whilst doing so start to undress yourself. She removes one hand from where she has it tangled in my hair and helps you unbuckle your belt. You briefly stand to shed all your clothes. You are as hard as I have ever seen you and it turns me on further. Then she pulls you onto the bed and you move your hips towards her I whimper as she takes your cock into her mouth. I have lost concentration and she reminds me what I should be doing by pushing my head back towards her warm, damp cunt. I continue to lick her and fuck her with my fingers as she sucks and licks your cock. She is moving her hips against me and the pace is quickening. I feel her pulling me harder towards her and then she is coming. I feel her clit pulse and her cunt tightening rhythmically around my fingers as she moans in pleasure.

She lies back and your glistening cock pops out of her mouth. She looks at me “I want to see him and you now”. She hesitates, “but kiss me first”. She moves back, fully onto the bed and I move up her body; supporting myself above her on my elbows and knees. I kiss her, enjoying knowing that moments earlier your cock had been in her mouth and with the taste of her still on my tongue.

You move behind me and raise my arse, sliding your cock into my wet cunt. I groan into her mouth as you force yourself into me. As you start to move she lifts her hand between my legs and using her thumb starts to rub my clit. Occasionally she moves her hand towards you and encircles your cock as you move in and out of me. I am so turned on that I know I will come any second. I break away from kissing her and say, “Don’t stop”. She just kisses me again and you murmur, “Oh my god, I’m going to come”. At that I start to come, pushing myself hard against her hand, making you force my hips back up to your throbbing cock and then I feel you coming too; pumping your hot come into me whilst I am still pulsing from my orgasm. We stay that like for maybe half a minute, she looks happy and glazed. Then I roll off her and you lie behind me, still inside me, leaning across and stroking her.

photo credit: mryllyn

Sunday, 19 October 2008

More sunshine

At least a mile down what is barely a track is the beach. Small and pebbled but with beautiful views. There is no one around so I strip off and swim in just my pants. CG watches from the shore. Later we lie on the beach and soak up the sun. I am reading my book when he takes my hand and places it on his shorts so I can feel his erection. As I laugh, he asks if I will give him a blow job. Despite the risk of being caught I don’t hesitate. I lean across and free his cock from his shorts. He is so hard and so warm as I take him in my mouth. I feel a slight breeze cooling my lips as I greedily lick and suck his cock. I am turned on even more by knowing that he is enjoying the chance that anyone could come down the track at any time and catch us.

Soon he stops me and say he needs to be inside me; that he needs to fuck me. I catch my breath as he says the words. There are boats passing all the time and we are on a very exposed beach but I so badly want him. I lead him up to our hire car, remove my shorts and climb into the back. He slides down his shorts again and leans into the car - one hand on the parcel shelf one on the seat in front - and thrusts his hard cock into my wet cunt. I involuntarily squeal with pleasure. The car is very small and I am pressed up against the far door with my left foot up on the driver’s headrest. He absolutely pounds the fuck out of me, only stopping to laugh as he removes my glasses from where they have become wedged under my head. I lift my arse to allow him to enter me more deeply and for me to grind against his pelvis as he thrusts into me. It is probably the quickest sex we have had, very probably the roughest. Definitely the most exciting and sexiest; and as he comes I come.

Photo credit: stealthtractor

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


What could be more perfect than you naked, lying next to me in the sun? I look over at you; your tanned firm body warm and slightly moist from the warmth of the sun. Your skin glowing in the sunlight. And then you ask me to rub some suntan oil on you……
Photo credit: itanng