Monday, 30 June 2008

Send me a sexy text?

CG texts me “I’m in the pub; send me something dirty?”

I smile; I was already thinking something dirty:

Slowly I ease myself down onto his hard cock. He is filing me and the sensation is amazing. So hard, so hot and his hands on my hips desperate to force himself further inside me. I rock back and forth rubbing myself against him. Feeling myself throbbing – my body craving release.

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CG booked us a dirty weekend. I’d have happily gone to sleazy motel, which is why I wasn’t allowed to make the booking; instead we got a suite at the top of an old country house (think maze like gardens and croquet on the lawn). The room was wonderful with a four-poster bed. Very romantic.

However, after 40 minutes in the car with CG I was the horny side of romance. Within seconds of getting into the room I was pushing up against CG, kissing him hard and pulling him to me. My breathing heavy, feeling his hardness against me and my body buzzing in response. Quickly he removed my clothes and kicked off his; falling onto the bed. Then, with frustrating self-restraint, he raised himself above me and incredibly slowly eased his cock into me. But, nearly two weeks apart meant a fast and furious fuck resulting in me seeing every corner of the bed from every angle.

And then as CG lay naked on the bed I found the shower. I love showers; detachable showerheads were surely invented by a woman. This one was a walk in shower with massive ceiling rose and rainbars. Quite by accident I stood the “wrong” way and that turned out to be a mistake I was pleased to have made.

I lean back against the wall and let the horizontal spray from the rainbars ease its way between my already swollen lips and beat against my waiting clit. The water pulsates and I try not to move. I want to arch my back in response but the smallest movement means the torrent of water no longer hits the spot. I stand, mouth open but barely breathing, water pouring over my body. Still able to feel where CG was inside me only minutes earlier, thinking only of the powerful sensation of the water. When it comes my orgasm hits me so hard that I let out a moan and my knees weaken. I feel it still pulsing through me as I step out of the shower to see CG still lying naked on the bed smiling at me.

Round Two!

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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Good weekend

I can smell you on me.
Feel the sensation of you inside me.
I feel marked, owned, and I love it.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

What’s in a word?

CG is at his house I am at mine. I text him “technical question. In the rainbars story (which I’ll put on the blog next week) should it be pussy or cunt”.

He replies “Well - depends on the context;

He went slowly down my body with his tongue teasing me till he reached my soft and moist pussy….


He pulled my hair hard, lifted my arse high and rammed his huge cock deep into my wet and sore cunt."

Not sure it answered the question – but it did give me something to consider later in bed!
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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

An Afternoon Quickie: Solo

I work for the same company as CG. It’s a late afternoon and he is working from home. I call to ask him a question about work. He picks up and laughs; “good timing”. I immediately know. I say “don’t let me stop you”. I don’t say another word and nor does he. For the next two minutes all I can hear is breathing and the movement of his hand stroking his hard cock. I hear his breathing deepen and him moan as he comes. I smile and hang up.

Later I realise I never asked him the question I phoned with.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

When fantasies get ruined – Can I come on your face?

If you want to stick with the fantasy only read the first paragraph!

I have this fantasy. We’ve just walked into the house. I am standing in front of CG. I am fully clothed and in my highest of high heels. He is stood with his back to the wall. I push myself up against him and start kissing him. He holds my hips and forces me against him. I can feel he is hard. After a minute I slide down his body until I am kneeling in front of him. I undo his trousers and I ease his cock out. I slowly open my lips and take him in my mouth. I look up at him and see him watching me, which turns me on even more. He is smiling. I groan as I pull him further into my mouth. I can feel myself aching for him. I move my hands up and down his hard shaft and he groans. I can feel him getting harder, ready to come. I pull back and look up at him and he comes all over my face.

It’s pure porn fantasy.

But too many years of shit sex with wanky men has ruined it for me. I’ve done it for the wrong reasons before and now I can’t do it for the right ones. Well, at least I don’t think I can. I guess if anyone can make me feel good about it, it will be CG.

Note: I tell CG what I’ve written and he sends me a text “tell you what you can come on mine and I’ll come on yours! It is porn and messy but kinda naughty”. So, watch this space.

Photo credit: Ende

Monday, 23 June 2008

Multitasking and Messenger at Work

Trying to respond to some emails from clients whilst buying a new vibrator is multi tasking enough. But then CG pings me on messenger. We have been having quite a bit of text sex (of which I will share more in later posts) over the weekend.

What's cool about CG is that despite having been around a bit (which he will not thank me for saying) he's quite shy about stuff. So he sends me filthy texts: "I can feel you wriggling now as I suck your clit hard and plunge my fingers deep inside you" followed up with "is that too rude?". What a cool guy! It actually makes me even hornier.

Anyway, back to messenger. He's saying that he loves the dirty texts but is worried about going "too far" and that he finds it "difficult" sometimes.

Me: what sort of difficult?

CG: well I sort of like being naughty with you but am kinda sensitive about being over filthy. Don't worry I'm coming out of my shy mode.

Me: are you comfortable with the stuff I am sending you?

CG: yeah. I don't mind it from you I love it!! I suppose its just that you're not some cheap tart I want to fuck but now my girlfriend and I want to treat you with respect whilst also wanting to shag the arse off you! It's getting the balance right. Does that make sense ?

Me: yes and you are getting the balance right!

CG: good in that case I look forward to loads of hot and sweaty fucking with you coming on top of me with my hard cock deeply inside you and then you grabbing my now aching cock and sucking it greedily , making me explode and cuming deep inside you're mouth !!

I am completely at a loss for words. Which, if you knew me, is pretty bloody impressive.
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Sharing my sex life

For the past 20 years I've had average sex. Some of it has been so far below average that I'm not sure if it even counts as sex. Occasionally, some of it has been quite good. However, I've just started having amazing sex and its so great that I want to talk about it.

But really, do my friends want to hear about the details? Most of them probably don't. So I thought I'd share it here. I'm an verbal exhibitionist. I've only had sex in front of other people once in my life and it didn't do it enough for me to want to repeat the experience. However, I absolutely love talking about sex.

What's especially great about CG (aka my boyfriend and fabulous shag) is that he is more than happy for me to share. I guess as long as I keep it fairly anonymous!

I'll do the background and fill in the details as I go along. No one wants to read my entire life story all in one go.