Monday, 30 June 2008


CG booked us a dirty weekend. I’d have happily gone to sleazy motel, which is why I wasn’t allowed to make the booking; instead we got a suite at the top of an old country house (think maze like gardens and croquet on the lawn). The room was wonderful with a four-poster bed. Very romantic.

However, after 40 minutes in the car with CG I was the horny side of romance. Within seconds of getting into the room I was pushing up against CG, kissing him hard and pulling him to me. My breathing heavy, feeling his hardness against me and my body buzzing in response. Quickly he removed my clothes and kicked off his; falling onto the bed. Then, with frustrating self-restraint, he raised himself above me and incredibly slowly eased his cock into me. But, nearly two weeks apart meant a fast and furious fuck resulting in me seeing every corner of the bed from every angle.

And then as CG lay naked on the bed I found the shower. I love showers; detachable showerheads were surely invented by a woman. This one was a walk in shower with massive ceiling rose and rainbars. Quite by accident I stood the “wrong” way and that turned out to be a mistake I was pleased to have made.

I lean back against the wall and let the horizontal spray from the rainbars ease its way between my already swollen lips and beat against my waiting clit. The water pulsates and I try not to move. I want to arch my back in response but the smallest movement means the torrent of water no longer hits the spot. I stand, mouth open but barely breathing, water pouring over my body. Still able to feel where CG was inside me only minutes earlier, thinking only of the powerful sensation of the water. When it comes my orgasm hits me so hard that I let out a moan and my knees weaken. I feel it still pulsing through me as I step out of the shower to see CG still lying naked on the bed smiling at me.

Round Two!

Photo credit: chadmill

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