Tuesday, 24 June 2008

When fantasies get ruined – Can I come on your face?

If you want to stick with the fantasy only read the first paragraph!

I have this fantasy. We’ve just walked into the house. I am standing in front of CG. I am fully clothed and in my highest of high heels. He is stood with his back to the wall. I push myself up against him and start kissing him. He holds my hips and forces me against him. I can feel he is hard. After a minute I slide down his body until I am kneeling in front of him. I undo his trousers and I ease his cock out. I slowly open my lips and take him in my mouth. I look up at him and see him watching me, which turns me on even more. He is smiling. I groan as I pull him further into my mouth. I can feel myself aching for him. I move my hands up and down his hard shaft and he groans. I can feel him getting harder, ready to come. I pull back and look up at him and he comes all over my face.

It’s pure porn fantasy.

But too many years of shit sex with wanky men has ruined it for me. I’ve done it for the wrong reasons before and now I can’t do it for the right ones. Well, at least I don’t think I can. I guess if anyone can make me feel good about it, it will be CG.

Note: I tell CG what I’ve written and he sends me a text “tell you what you can come on mine and I’ll come on yours! It is porn and messy but kinda naughty”. So, watch this space.

Photo credit: Ende

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