Monday, 23 June 2008

Multitasking and Messenger at Work

Trying to respond to some emails from clients whilst buying a new vibrator is multi tasking enough. But then CG pings me on messenger. We have been having quite a bit of text sex (of which I will share more in later posts) over the weekend.

What's cool about CG is that despite having been around a bit (which he will not thank me for saying) he's quite shy about stuff. So he sends me filthy texts: "I can feel you wriggling now as I suck your clit hard and plunge my fingers deep inside you" followed up with "is that too rude?". What a cool guy! It actually makes me even hornier.

Anyway, back to messenger. He's saying that he loves the dirty texts but is worried about going "too far" and that he finds it "difficult" sometimes.

Me: what sort of difficult?

CG: well I sort of like being naughty with you but am kinda sensitive about being over filthy. Don't worry I'm coming out of my shy mode.

Me: are you comfortable with the stuff I am sending you?

CG: yeah. I don't mind it from you I love it!! I suppose its just that you're not some cheap tart I want to fuck but now my girlfriend and I want to treat you with respect whilst also wanting to shag the arse off you! It's getting the balance right. Does that make sense ?

Me: yes and you are getting the balance right!

CG: good in that case I look forward to loads of hot and sweaty fucking with you coming on top of me with my hard cock deeply inside you and then you grabbing my now aching cock and sucking it greedily , making me explode and cuming deep inside you're mouth !!

I am completely at a loss for words. Which, if you knew me, is pretty bloody impressive.
Photo credit: xirannisx

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