Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My request

You kneel before me and lift my dress. I am wearing no underwear and your hand encircles my arse. You slide your other hand up between my thighs and part my legs. You lean into me and gently lick me, running your tongue around my clit. Then you insert a finger then another inside me to fuck me with whilst you work me with your tongue. I hold your head and groan as you send pulses of pleasure though my body....

That's my request; if you don't mind. xx

Monday, 18 August 2008

Risk Taker

We are in bed; I kiss you and turn away saying good night. You laugh and ask what I suggest you do with your massive hard on. I’ve no idea where that has suddenly come from but there is no doubt it shouldn’t be wasted. You ask me to get the chocolate sauce left over from pudding and warm it through.

I dip my fingers in the warm chocolate and draw first on your stomach and then up the wonderfully hard shaft of your cock. I then lick it off, there is chocolate everywhere and it moves from sensual and sexy to send me into giggles. I kiss chocolate off your face and then you move to bring me on top of you. Our pact of no sex forgotten?

I don’t move with you, but instead pull you to me. To bring you across and on top of me. You raise yourself on your arms above me and look down as you slowly enter me. I lift my hips to you and then once inside drop back down and wrap my legs around you. This position is so uncommon for us and yet it’s the one I love the most. I love to feel the weight of you on me, the strength in your arms. To see your face fully and to know you are watching me. To be kissed and to feel so utterly taken.

You untangle my legs and bring them over your shoulders. You look down and watch, with obvious pleasure, as you drive your cock in and out of my swollen cunt. I am so incredibly turned on, but certain I won’t come; this is not a position that allows enough direct stimulation for me. However, you above me, feeling your hard cock forcing itself so deeply into me is amazing. You drop my legs down and kiss me. You pull right back and plough deeper into me as you groan.. I’m going to come”…..I feel each pulse as you come hard inside me. As you finish you push deeper still and suddenly I can feel my own body start to pulse and my orgasm takes me by surprise. I raise my hips to you and gasp as it hits me.
As we lie together I wonder; I know you aren’t a risk taker. I doubt you knew how slight the risk was. There were alternatives that you ignored. Why was that?

Friday, 15 August 2008

Thank Fuck It’s Friday

I’m in the office, watching you across the desks. We don’t do this well.

I text you “server room, 2 minutes” and leave the main office. We have joked about office sex. About you fucking me on the boardroom table, sex in the stock room and a blow job in the server room. I wonder how you will respond.

When I first met you I thought you were a risk taker, you aren’t. But knowing that I still can’t anticipate you.

I stand outside the server room door like a naughty girl outside the Headmasters office. You keep me waiting but you come.

Suddenly I feel nervous. This floor is mostly unused but there are offices full of people above us. But still I open the door and we slip inside. The room is tiny and freezing due to the constant cooling air conditioning. It’s dark but there is a small window in the door.

You stand with your back to the door and we kiss. Aware of the fact our absence will soon be noticed I step back and move down your body, kissing as I go. I undo your trousers, you hesitate slightly but I can already feel how turned on you are. I ease your cock free and move my mouth to you, I open my lips and draw you in. You gasp, but so do I. I run my hand around your thigh and into the small of your back. Bringing you closer to me. To fill my mouth.

The taste of you, the noise you make in the back of your throat, the excitement of the circumstances. I am as turned on as you.

I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock, I use my hands to stroke you as I gently suck, I take your unbelievably hard cock right into my mouth. I moan, I am so wet ; so desperate to feel you inside me. But I know this is about you.

You bring your hands down to me, holding my head with one and you pushing me into you. I feel you grow and know you are so fucking up for this. I want you to know that you are filling me completely and there’s not an inch of room in my mouth you haven’t filled which is now full with your ”my god “ pulsating raw cock. I’m almost gagging by now but in a good way whilst small sexual gurgling noises escape from throat . Christ I’m so fucking on the edge by now that I could simply scream; I recognise that you are now close and convulsing, groaning and swaying in compete disarray. I reach down to touch myself; my hot and very soaked pussy; as you come deep and with extreme intensity hitting the back of my throat. It makes me flinch and squirm in complete extasy. The sheer desire and lust of this makes me giggle slightly as you collapse into the door but I make sure not all of that precious come escapes from my lips.

HNT - Coy

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sex Toy Review - LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator

The Product: The LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit is a seriously female toy; three different pinks and some pearlescent beads with a shiny silver bit thrown in. In total nearly 10 inches but only 5.5 inches are insertable (which I have to say I found more than enough). It’s got a 5 inch circumference (which seemed pretty life like to me. Although this is guesswork as whilst I’ve measured the cock of nearly every bloke I’ve slept with it’s never been the circumference!). Despite the colours (which maybe some people love) it’s got a great feel to it. Lovely and squidgy whilst still being firm enough to make you feel “full”.

Positioning: The general plan with a rabbit is that you insert the shaft into yourself and position the bunny ears against, or above, or around your clit. I found it easy to insert, even without lubrication (but to be honest I seem to be pretty turned on most of the time so perhaps the rest of the world would need a bit of lube). When it first arrived it wasn’t really the time of the month for me to fancy inserting much into myself but I still managed to get the benefit of the ears. Firstly by holding it upside down and having the shaft away from myself and then also by turning it on its side. I found that the ears working sideways on were quite a different sensation.

One of the problems with the rabbit is that if you want to change the speed of the vibrations it can be a bit of a stretch if you are lying on your back. Also, sometimes you need to hold the end of the shaft to push it properly back into position whilst you are mid action. I’ve never found it comfortable to use lying on my front and standing up requires pelvic floor muscles stronger than those I posses. An option is to sit propped upright with your feet pulled up against your body. Using your heels to keep the rabbit in place. This also totally exposes your clit to the action of the bunny ears. I guess this might be too much for some people. Of course, another alternative is to include your partner in the action!

Functionality: The shaft and the bunny ears both have 3 speeds and can be controlled independently of each other (so you can just have the ears if the squirmy shaft doesn’t do it for you). There is also a “reverse” button to rotate the shaft the other way. . The slowest setting on the ears is pretty high vibrations and I’m sure that’d be enough for many people. I’ve never made it up to level 3. Maybe I’m unique in this but as soon as I come I don’t want any vibrations or probing going on. For this reason I always prefer toys with a simple “off” switch. The rabbit doesn’t have one and if you have it up at full pelt you either have to whip it out and chuck it across the room (as I have done) or run down the speed settings till it shuts off.

Doing the business: This works. I have come within 30 seconds when using the rabbit. I’ve also managed to eek it out to about 6 minutes. I think you’d have to be doing something else (like your tax return) to make it last any longer than that. I am a penetration girl so love the sensation of something inside me whilst I masturbate (in an ideal world this would be CGs cock – but that’s not always practical).

Value for money: It's £25. I found it a bit garish (as I may have mentioned). However, it’s a quality product and I would say great value for money. Really nice feel to it and boy does it work!

Rating 8/10
Pros: Fast worker, nice fit, firm bunny ears, waterproof
Cons: No “quick” off switch, noisy if you have the whole thing on full throttle

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I have been away for a week, with CG, so have loads to post about when I get my act together (and my breath back!).

In the meantime I wanted to say thanks to the guys at Fleshbot who caused a lovely surge in hits a couple of weeks ago when they featured (probably my favourite post) on their Sex Blog Roundup.

Superb site and thank you again!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sugasm #143

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #144? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
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The Come Shot “You don’t see their bodies going blotchily red and hear them howling like a banshee.”
Third Time’s a Charm “If I lift my kilt on Bourbon Street I’m much more likely to get arrested than if Elizabeth takes off her top.”

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Monday, 4 August 2008

Sex Toy Review - Bang Bang Bunny Rabbit vibrator

The Product: It’s a bright pink oval egg covered in nobbles with a little jelly bunny (with “ears”) sitting on top. It has a two foot cable leading to the control unit which has an on off switch and a 7 mode toggle button. The controls are slightly ergonomically shaped to fit nicely in your hand. Also, for couple play it’s probably less threatening visually to the bloke than an 8 inch cock shaped vibrator!

Positioning: Firstly, it’s fairly obvious, but you want to make sure the wire isn’t between you and the bunny. My plan was to lie on my back and nestle the “egg” up against myself with the bunny ears resting on/around my clit. This turned out to be far more complicated than I’d anticipated to the point where I had to turn the light on (I like to masturbate in the dark if I’m on my own!). Even when I had managed that I found that I couldn’t get the angle right and I had to hold the egg in place. I had similar problems when using it sitting propped up in bed. However, it does feel great against the skin and was a nice size once slotted into place.

Functionality: It has 7 different vibrating speeds and patterns (probably just the right amount to give options but not overload!). The fastest vibration was actually painful for me (but other people might like that intensity) and on one setting it felt more like a woodpecker than rabbit ears. I think that was due to the “ears” being so small. You can also easily remove the pink cover and use it smooth. It’s not waterproof and I’m unsure if it’s suitable for insertion.

Doing the business: Basically it does do the job. Now I have worked out what I’m doing with it I have two choices. I can either slam it up to high vibrations and orgasm fairly quickly or if I want a more leisurely wank I can run through the different vibrations/speeds taking my time.

Value for money: For £15 I think you could expect something a bit slicker as first impressions were it’s a bit tacky. However, it does seem well made. I can’t deny it does the job but for me it doesn’t give those body slamming, breath taking away orgasms I have had with other toys.

Rating 6/10
Pros: It does the job, is fairly quiet and has lots of vibration options
Cons: Visually less appealing than other toys and requires both hands to operate

Friday, 1 August 2008

Saturday Night

Making Love

My feet ache and I’m exhausted so I go lie on the bed. I lie on my front with my head on my arms. I think about lifting my lower legs and crossing them at the ankle but decide that’s too staged. But, and even at the time this makes me smile, it’s not too staged that at some point between returning from the party and heading to bed I added stockings to my outfit! I listen to you in the kitchen and wonder how long before you get the message, pleased to hear you start to switch everything off.

You walk over to the bed and I wonder if you are playing the game too; if you will just lie next to me and pretend to sleep, if you will get undressed and slip into bed completely ignoring me. But you don’t. You lie fully across my back and kiss my neck. You get me. You always get me.

You move off me slightly, still touching so much of me with your body, and run your hand up my inner thigh. I know you will now tease me and you do. Slowly sweeping your hand up my thigh and across to the other whilst studiously avoiding touching me where I need you. Eventually you move closer and run the back of your hand up, fully, between my legs. I expect to hear your surprise when you find I am wearing no underwear but you make no reaction; am I so obvious? I want to lift my self to you but resist the urge. I need to moan but hold myself back. Worried that at too much reaction you will pull away. You lift my dress further and I quietly ask you to remove it. You help me out of it whilst I still lie on my front on the bed in basque and stockings. Somehow you have become naked and you move on top of me and push my legs apart with your knees and slightly lift my arse to you. But there is no urgency, you move around on top of me touching me with your hands, occasionally pushing your hard cock against my wetness. Teasing but not frustratingly so. Your pace is just right.

Eventually you lift me higher and position yourself against me, slowly, beautifully, entering me. This time I moan. God, you feel amazing inside me. Everything is perfect, your entire body against me, the candles, the music (which I’d not noticed until now). Time has stopped.

Getting Fucked

You rise onto your knees and I move with you and you fuck me from behind. Still gently at first and then with more force, with more passion. At some point we move and you are above me with our legs entwined. I watch your cock as it slides into me and comes out glistening in the candlelight. It is hugely erotic. You untangle me and my legs are on your shoulders as you plough into me. Pinning one of my arms above my head, never taking your eyes off me.

And then you tuck your legs under yourself and in one swift movement we are down the other end of the bed and I am sitting astride you with your cock buried deep inside me. Now I hold your arms above your head and start to fuck you. I place one foot on the floor for leverage and grind myself against you. I need to push myself fully onto you, to arch my back and grind down filling myself with your hard cock. I need to come and know I am about to come. I pull myself upright and push my hands down onto your chest, as I always do when I come. You groan and I feel the start of your orgasm too. I need to stay still as I come and you need to move. It makes it a battle, but one I relish. I love the way you come, how it’s not over in a second, how your body curls inwards and towards the end of your orgasm how you your raise your knees. How you look at me as you are coming. I know there is nothing more connecting than this moment. Pure passion, pure heat, total lust, honesty and absolute love. I laugh. You are one amazing shag.