Monday, 18 August 2008

Risk Taker

We are in bed; I kiss you and turn away saying good night. You laugh and ask what I suggest you do with your massive hard on. I’ve no idea where that has suddenly come from but there is no doubt it shouldn’t be wasted. You ask me to get the chocolate sauce left over from pudding and warm it through.

I dip my fingers in the warm chocolate and draw first on your stomach and then up the wonderfully hard shaft of your cock. I then lick it off, there is chocolate everywhere and it moves from sensual and sexy to send me into giggles. I kiss chocolate off your face and then you move to bring me on top of you. Our pact of no sex forgotten?

I don’t move with you, but instead pull you to me. To bring you across and on top of me. You raise yourself on your arms above me and look down as you slowly enter me. I lift my hips to you and then once inside drop back down and wrap my legs around you. This position is so uncommon for us and yet it’s the one I love the most. I love to feel the weight of you on me, the strength in your arms. To see your face fully and to know you are watching me. To be kissed and to feel so utterly taken.

You untangle my legs and bring them over your shoulders. You look down and watch, with obvious pleasure, as you drive your cock in and out of my swollen cunt. I am so incredibly turned on, but certain I won’t come; this is not a position that allows enough direct stimulation for me. However, you above me, feeling your hard cock forcing itself so deeply into me is amazing. You drop my legs down and kiss me. You pull right back and plough deeper into me as you groan.. I’m going to come”…..I feel each pulse as you come hard inside me. As you finish you push deeper still and suddenly I can feel my own body start to pulse and my orgasm takes me by surprise. I raise my hips to you and gasp as it hits me.
As we lie together I wonder; I know you aren’t a risk taker. I doubt you knew how slight the risk was. There were alternatives that you ignored. Why was that?


Loving Annie said...
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Loving Annie said...

What am I missing here ? the risk of bacterial infection from the sugar in the chocolate ? Or pregnancy ? What other alternatives could he have taken - do you mean oral sex ? There must have been earlier posts I didn't read that explained the situation...

I miss making love with passion like that.
But having my ankles around someone's neck always hurts my cervix...

It's great that you came when you usually don't in that position :)

Isobelle said...

@ Loving Annie. LOL - I never even thought of the chocolate issue. Mind you I had licked it off very thoroughly!

I don't think I intended to be so vauge. But now that I have been I might continue with the vaugeness for a bit!!

max said...

ah, yes, i've also tried whipped cream as well as tequila, and both were well received.