Monday, 4 August 2008

Sex Toy Review - Bang Bang Bunny Rabbit vibrator

The Product: It’s a bright pink oval egg covered in nobbles with a little jelly bunny (with “ears”) sitting on top. It has a two foot cable leading to the control unit which has an on off switch and a 7 mode toggle button. The controls are slightly ergonomically shaped to fit nicely in your hand. Also, for couple play it’s probably less threatening visually to the bloke than an 8 inch cock shaped vibrator!

Positioning: Firstly, it’s fairly obvious, but you want to make sure the wire isn’t between you and the bunny. My plan was to lie on my back and nestle the “egg” up against myself with the bunny ears resting on/around my clit. This turned out to be far more complicated than I’d anticipated to the point where I had to turn the light on (I like to masturbate in the dark if I’m on my own!). Even when I had managed that I found that I couldn’t get the angle right and I had to hold the egg in place. I had similar problems when using it sitting propped up in bed. However, it does feel great against the skin and was a nice size once slotted into place.

Functionality: It has 7 different vibrating speeds and patterns (probably just the right amount to give options but not overload!). The fastest vibration was actually painful for me (but other people might like that intensity) and on one setting it felt more like a woodpecker than rabbit ears. I think that was due to the “ears” being so small. You can also easily remove the pink cover and use it smooth. It’s not waterproof and I’m unsure if it’s suitable for insertion.

Doing the business: Basically it does do the job. Now I have worked out what I’m doing with it I have two choices. I can either slam it up to high vibrations and orgasm fairly quickly or if I want a more leisurely wank I can run through the different vibrations/speeds taking my time.

Value for money: For £15 I think you could expect something a bit slicker as first impressions were it’s a bit tacky. However, it does seem well made. I can’t deny it does the job but for me it doesn’t give those body slamming, breath taking away orgasms I have had with other toys.

Rating 6/10
Pros: It does the job, is fairly quiet and has lots of vibration options
Cons: Visually less appealing than other toys and requires both hands to operate

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