Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sex Toy Review - LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator

The Product: The LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit is a seriously female toy; three different pinks and some pearlescent beads with a shiny silver bit thrown in. In total nearly 10 inches but only 5.5 inches are insertable (which I have to say I found more than enough). It’s got a 5 inch circumference (which seemed pretty life like to me. Although this is guesswork as whilst I’ve measured the cock of nearly every bloke I’ve slept with it’s never been the circumference!). Despite the colours (which maybe some people love) it’s got a great feel to it. Lovely and squidgy whilst still being firm enough to make you feel “full”.

Positioning: The general plan with a rabbit is that you insert the shaft into yourself and position the bunny ears against, or above, or around your clit. I found it easy to insert, even without lubrication (but to be honest I seem to be pretty turned on most of the time so perhaps the rest of the world would need a bit of lube). When it first arrived it wasn’t really the time of the month for me to fancy inserting much into myself but I still managed to get the benefit of the ears. Firstly by holding it upside down and having the shaft away from myself and then also by turning it on its side. I found that the ears working sideways on were quite a different sensation.

One of the problems with the rabbit is that if you want to change the speed of the vibrations it can be a bit of a stretch if you are lying on your back. Also, sometimes you need to hold the end of the shaft to push it properly back into position whilst you are mid action. I’ve never found it comfortable to use lying on my front and standing up requires pelvic floor muscles stronger than those I posses. An option is to sit propped upright with your feet pulled up against your body. Using your heels to keep the rabbit in place. This also totally exposes your clit to the action of the bunny ears. I guess this might be too much for some people. Of course, another alternative is to include your partner in the action!

Functionality: The shaft and the bunny ears both have 3 speeds and can be controlled independently of each other (so you can just have the ears if the squirmy shaft doesn’t do it for you). There is also a “reverse” button to rotate the shaft the other way. . The slowest setting on the ears is pretty high vibrations and I’m sure that’d be enough for many people. I’ve never made it up to level 3. Maybe I’m unique in this but as soon as I come I don’t want any vibrations or probing going on. For this reason I always prefer toys with a simple “off” switch. The rabbit doesn’t have one and if you have it up at full pelt you either have to whip it out and chuck it across the room (as I have done) or run down the speed settings till it shuts off.

Doing the business: This works. I have come within 30 seconds when using the rabbit. I’ve also managed to eek it out to about 6 minutes. I think you’d have to be doing something else (like your tax return) to make it last any longer than that. I am a penetration girl so love the sensation of something inside me whilst I masturbate (in an ideal world this would be CGs cock – but that’s not always practical).

Value for money: It's £25. I found it a bit garish (as I may have mentioned). However, it’s a quality product and I would say great value for money. Really nice feel to it and boy does it work!

Rating 8/10
Pros: Fast worker, nice fit, firm bunny ears, waterproof
Cons: No “quick” off switch, noisy if you have the whole thing on full throttle


ethan1066 said...

That looks like the vibrator I used to have, but bigger. Quite nice little machine.

ethan1066 said...

Nice post.The G Spot rabbit vibrator is absolutely stunning!