Friday, 1 August 2008

Saturday Night

Making Love

My feet ache and I’m exhausted so I go lie on the bed. I lie on my front with my head on my arms. I think about lifting my lower legs and crossing them at the ankle but decide that’s too staged. But, and even at the time this makes me smile, it’s not too staged that at some point between returning from the party and heading to bed I added stockings to my outfit! I listen to you in the kitchen and wonder how long before you get the message, pleased to hear you start to switch everything off.

You walk over to the bed and I wonder if you are playing the game too; if you will just lie next to me and pretend to sleep, if you will get undressed and slip into bed completely ignoring me. But you don’t. You lie fully across my back and kiss my neck. You get me. You always get me.

You move off me slightly, still touching so much of me with your body, and run your hand up my inner thigh. I know you will now tease me and you do. Slowly sweeping your hand up my thigh and across to the other whilst studiously avoiding touching me where I need you. Eventually you move closer and run the back of your hand up, fully, between my legs. I expect to hear your surprise when you find I am wearing no underwear but you make no reaction; am I so obvious? I want to lift my self to you but resist the urge. I need to moan but hold myself back. Worried that at too much reaction you will pull away. You lift my dress further and I quietly ask you to remove it. You help me out of it whilst I still lie on my front on the bed in basque and stockings. Somehow you have become naked and you move on top of me and push my legs apart with your knees and slightly lift my arse to you. But there is no urgency, you move around on top of me touching me with your hands, occasionally pushing your hard cock against my wetness. Teasing but not frustratingly so. Your pace is just right.

Eventually you lift me higher and position yourself against me, slowly, beautifully, entering me. This time I moan. God, you feel amazing inside me. Everything is perfect, your entire body against me, the candles, the music (which I’d not noticed until now). Time has stopped.

Getting Fucked

You rise onto your knees and I move with you and you fuck me from behind. Still gently at first and then with more force, with more passion. At some point we move and you are above me with our legs entwined. I watch your cock as it slides into me and comes out glistening in the candlelight. It is hugely erotic. You untangle me and my legs are on your shoulders as you plough into me. Pinning one of my arms above my head, never taking your eyes off me.

And then you tuck your legs under yourself and in one swift movement we are down the other end of the bed and I am sitting astride you with your cock buried deep inside me. Now I hold your arms above your head and start to fuck you. I place one foot on the floor for leverage and grind myself against you. I need to push myself fully onto you, to arch my back and grind down filling myself with your hard cock. I need to come and know I am about to come. I pull myself upright and push my hands down onto your chest, as I always do when I come. You groan and I feel the start of your orgasm too. I need to stay still as I come and you need to move. It makes it a battle, but one I relish. I love the way you come, how it’s not over in a second, how your body curls inwards and towards the end of your orgasm how you your raise your knees. How you look at me as you are coming. I know there is nothing more connecting than this moment. Pure passion, pure heat, total lust, honesty and absolute love. I laugh. You are one amazing shag.

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Loving Annie said...

God I want sex like that... How wonderful what you are describing is, all of it. Lucky you :)