Sunday, 19 October 2008

More sunshine

At least a mile down what is barely a track is the beach. Small and pebbled but with beautiful views. There is no one around so I strip off and swim in just my pants. CG watches from the shore. Later we lie on the beach and soak up the sun. I am reading my book when he takes my hand and places it on his shorts so I can feel his erection. As I laugh, he asks if I will give him a blow job. Despite the risk of being caught I don’t hesitate. I lean across and free his cock from his shorts. He is so hard and so warm as I take him in my mouth. I feel a slight breeze cooling my lips as I greedily lick and suck his cock. I am turned on even more by knowing that he is enjoying the chance that anyone could come down the track at any time and catch us.

Soon he stops me and say he needs to be inside me; that he needs to fuck me. I catch my breath as he says the words. There are boats passing all the time and we are on a very exposed beach but I so badly want him. I lead him up to our hire car, remove my shorts and climb into the back. He slides down his shorts again and leans into the car - one hand on the parcel shelf one on the seat in front - and thrusts his hard cock into my wet cunt. I involuntarily squeal with pleasure. The car is very small and I am pressed up against the far door with my left foot up on the driver’s headrest. He absolutely pounds the fuck out of me, only stopping to laugh as he removes my glasses from where they have become wedged under my head. I lift my arse to allow him to enter me more deeply and for me to grind against his pelvis as he thrusts into me. It is probably the quickest sex we have had, very probably the roughest. Definitely the most exciting and sexiest; and as he comes I come.

Photo credit: stealthtractor

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