Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Coco de Mer massage candle for starters

Susie at Coco de Mer recently sent me a massage candle to try out. It was from the Jimmyjane range and similar to this one here but smaller and coriander and quince “flavour”. It arrived beautifully packaged with a lovely red ribbon around a plain white box (the freestyle “willies” on the postal envelope caused slight embarrassment when I picked it up from a friend’s office!).

The actual candle is encased in a ceramic square. As the candle burns it gives off a unique and “clean” smell. It took only a few minutes to produce enough wax to use. CG looked quite concerned when I blew out the candle and started to tip the pot over his chest. However, the wax wasn’t too hot and it rubbed in really nicely. He very quickly got the hint and asked if I’d like to try some.

Soon I was lying on my front having a fabulous massage. The wax is as nice as any massage oil. The scent was quite strong but not overpowering. As he worked up my back, and I started dozing off, I was thinking how I would be able to write up what a lovely massage candle I was sent……

And then, as he continued to work my lower back, he slipped his free hand under my pelvis and started a far more interesting massage. Coco de Mer products suggest to me an element of the erotic rather than graphic so it seems inappropriate to go into detail on the half hour of amazing oral sex that followed, or the mind blowing sex that capped off the night. Suffice to say I can highly recommend the massage candle!

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