Saturday, 8 November 2008

New Toys

I got into the office late on Friday afternoon to find a parcel from the lovely people at OnJoy. They had sent me The Zone, the Pleasure Ball Massager and a Blow Guard. I was so keen to get my hands on The Zone that I unwrapped it in the car on the way home. My plan had been to wait until Sunday, when we have the entire day to ourselves, to test out of these toys for OnJoy (oh, did I mention I’m going to be doing some toy testing for them here on the blog). I was meant to be spending Friday evening preparing for the party we are having this evening. So, whilst I knew I didn’t have time for a proper play I did allow myself 20 minutes to look them over. The Zone is pictured above (I think it looks a bit like a gaming joystick), the Ball Massager is just that, a big purple and pink ball, and the Blow Guard had me in stitches at the thought of going down on CG looking like a hockey player. So, more on these toys as I get to grips with them over the next week or so!

As I say, the plan was that I’d be prepping for the party as CG wasn’t due home until late. However he surprised me, and himself when he found a bed covered in sex toys, by coming home early. But by this time I was cooking - so no time for fun. Anyway, the evening didn’t go quite as planned. Basic prep done he took me off for a spin in his ultra sexy motor (is it wrong to get quite so turned on by the fast driving of a powerful car by a masterful man?!), we had a fabulous Thai meal and drank two bottles of wine. The net result being all I can remember about what followed in bed was he allowed me more exploration of my ultimate fantasy with the help of this little bit of kit from LoveHoney (can I promote two companies in one blog post?!). He also let me do something far more intimate and controlling – but we’ll leave that for another post.

Roll on lazy Sunday is all I can say!

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