Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I’m an official Sex Toy Reviewer

I’ve got this great new gig – reviewing sex toys for LoveHoney. On the occasions when I’ve bought toys from them in the past I’ve been really impressed with the service.

So I wrote to them and asked if they were interested in me trying out a few products and writing about them. I was very excited when they said yes. CG was slightly apprehensive, as he has voiced his concern about feeling redundant on more than one occasion!

Anyway, when the parcel arrived he was as keen as me to see what it held. I absolutely love getting stuff in the post. This is what they sent me:

Dream Egg 10 function remote control vibrator
Jessica Rabbit 2.0 vibrator
Magic Power Wand mini vibrator
Bang Bang Bunny Rabbit vibrator
Bada Bing Ring

First impressions: A sea of pink punctuated by the black power wand. Jessica Rabbit is like something you’d buy in a tourist shop along with a “kiss me quick” hat. It shouts sugar overload. But all of it was out of the packaging and being fiddled with in about 10 seconds flat. I resisted the urge to actually test any of it out there and then – as I was starving hungry and some things do sometimes come before sex!

But my plan for later was to try out the Bang Bang Bunny Rabbit first on myself and see if I could tempt CG into giving the sleek power wand a go (as practice for my ultimate fantasy).

Will keep you updated.

PS, I am starting a list of what I’d like to review in the future so please free to give me suggestions!

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