Wednesday, 16 July 2008

15 minutes thinking of you

I’m alone, again, getting changed for bed and as I run my hands down my hips to remove my jeans I think of you. I have spent an entire afternoon thinking of you. I slip my hands inside my pants and feel my wetness. I lose all interest in getting ready for bed and lie back on the bed. I dip my finger into my wet pussy and run it around my clit feeling the ache develop across my groin. I lean over and reach into the drawer pulling out the vibrator. I pull my pants to one side and slide the vibe inside myself. I slowly finger myself as I push the vibe in and out of me.

I’m lying on the bed on my back and you are kneeling between my legs, you lift my hips and slide your hard cock inside me. I push my feet down onto the bed and support myself. You move one hand to my clit and start to stroke me; moving lightly at first in large circles and then firmer and more directly. You pull back and I moan, you dip two fingers inside me and then, impaling me on your cock once more, continue to rub my clit. I am totally focussed on you and you on me. As the pleasure increases I drop my hips a little to force you harder inside me as you continue to work my clit. Suddenly the sensation intensifies and I can feel I am about to come. You feel it to; and your cock hardens, further, inside me. I groan and cry out as it hits me and as I come you hold the heal of your hand against me; holding me tight with your other hand to stop me slipping away from you.

As the waves of orgasm lessen I remove the vibe from my sopping cunt and sit up thinking how much I’m looking forward to seeing you in 3 days time.
Photo credit: hypertypos

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