Wednesday, 2 July 2008

High Heels

I am watching CG cooking me dinner. Occasionally we kiss. I am desperate for more. CG is making me wait. He’s been playing the game for nearly an hour. But I’m determined.
I put on my heels and lean over the worktop to watch the film whilst he cooks behind me. What man can resist high heels? Before I can turn to see his reaction he pushes up against me, roughly, expertly massaging my back, leaning forward and kissing my neck.
I slip out of my jeans and he lowers his, releasing his hard cock, slipping easily inside me. We rarely just fuck. But he fucks me now; over the counter. Pounding hard and fast into me. Holding me against him by my hips, my shoulders, my hair. Heavy breath on my neck. I am panting, groaning, in response to his thrusts. He comes hard, his body convulsing in waves of pleasure as he explodes, noisily, inside me. He steps back and his warm seed runs down my legs.
He puts the potatoes back on the ring and turns the oven back up. Practical as well as an amazing shag!

1 comment:

max said...

did you keep the shoes on for the shag? that's sexy too.