Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sleeping with the boss this Christmas could get you a promotion!

I got this from Monique at sextoys.co.uk. Last Christmas work's party was the first time I met CG. He wasn't my boss and I didn't get a promotion (in fact quite the opposite - but that's for another time). But ....

.. if you’re looking for a promotion during these hard times – it seems that sleeping with your boss at the Christmas office party could get you where you want to be.

With drinks flowing and people letting their hair down at the end of a busy year, a recent survey shows that the Christmas office party is the perfect place for festive flirtations.

67% of those surveyed said they would use the Christmas office party as an opportunity to pull a colleague, a massive 48% stated they’d had sex after their Christmas office party with somebody from work and 10% admitted to sleeping with their boss!

The survey by online adult retailer sextoys.co.uk also revealed that 33% of those that had, did not regret it and 12% even ended up getting a promotion as a result.

When it comes to location, it seems that over 30% couldn’t even wait to get home and used the office to get their rocks off.

If you’re not getting much action and are looking for a new job this time of year, maybe you should apply for a reception job, the survey also revealed that the office receptionist is the most likely to pull at the Christmas office party with the accountant as the least likely.

24% stated they would ask their boss for a pay rise at the Christmas office party and over 30% said they had been abusive to a colleague.

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